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TikTok Unveils Enhanced Mental Health Support Initiatives on World Mental Health Day 2023

In a show of support for mental health, TikTok has partnered with the Rare Impact Fund, making a generous donation of £180,000 to sponsor its inaugural "Rare Impact Fund Benefit," held on October 4th. This event aimed to raise funds and emphasise the significance of organisations that expand access to mental health services and education for young people worldwide. The Rare Impact Fund was established by Selena Gomez as a part of her commitment to addressing mental health and self-acceptance.

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The Sphere in Vegas: Revolutionising Immersive Music Experience

Many of us witnessed U2's performance at the highly anticipated 'Sphere' in Las Vegas this weekend, marking the commencement of their multi-month residency in the US. The viral content online surrounding it has left music lovers wondering if this is the new standard for immersive music experiences in the future? What implications does this have for other venues worldwide? and how possible is it that we’ll be seeing more of it very soon?


Twitter vs. Threads: A Clash of Social Media Platforms

The world of social media is ever-evolving, with platforms constantly vying for users' attention and engagement. With the launch of Threads today (6th July 2023), the world has taken to the internet to bid Twitter farewell & have started planning it’s funeral. Well… we’re here to tell you how the two notable contenders might have a different benefit and atmosphere to play in. While both platforms offer avenues for online communication and expression, they each bring unique features and experiences to the table. Here is our comparison on Twitter and Threads, highlighting their strengths, differences, and the impact they have on the social media landscape.

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